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Release Date:  October 9th 2020


Rent or buy from AmazoniTunes and Google Play.


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The School that made a movie

Yes, that’s right – a bunch of teachers, students, ex-students and friends at Graveney School got together and decided to shoot and edit a full length feature film.  It was filmed over the summer holidays in 2017, took 2 years to edit … and will soon be released world-wide on Amazon Video, Google Play and i-Tunes!   Inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream, who needs a magical forest when you have a magical school?  

The Story

It’s the story of 4 friends at that dodgy moment when friendship kind of moves into love, with all the difficulties that brings.  And then another dodgy moment when some disembodied aliens download into the bodies of the Headmaster, the Deputy Head and some naughty year 8s.  And all this on the opening night of a disastrous school play!   Never mind… the aliens are super-intelligent and can definitely sort all the pain and anxiety out…. can’t they?  


No members of the cast were hurt or mistreated during the making of this movie.